Industrial & Regional Benefits

Canada's Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy has replaced the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy. The ITB Policy ensures that Canada and Canadian industry benefit from Government defence and security procurement. It encourages companies to establish or increase activities in Canada, grows Canadian supply chains and builds Canadian industrial capabilities.

The Policy requires companies that win defence and security contracts with the Government of Canada to undertake business activities in Canada equal to 100 per cent of the value of the contract, so as to generate high value-added business activity for Canadian industry. The ITB commitments that companies make are part of their Value Proposition to Canada, a weighted and rated criterion in the evaluation of bids. A strong Value Proposition will help a company to win work.

The Government of Canada's ITB Policy is administered and managed by officials at Industry Canada. You can visit the ITB website for more details on how the ITB policy, including Value Propositions, works and how Canadian companies can get involved.


Advice on Engaging with Potential Bidders and Current ITB Contractors

Canadian companies are able to optimize participation in ITB by following some key steps:

  • Identify opportunities;
    • Research upcoming and current procurements, and
    • Identify who the contacts are at the major ITB contractors;
    • Study a bidder's/ITB contractor's products and those of their suppliers;
  • Contact an ITB manager and/or officials at the Regional Development Agencies for specific information and advice;
  • Prepare a marketing plan that demonstrates how your product or service is competitive and how it could fit with a bidder's/ITB contractor's business activities;
  • Make sure your company has the appropriate accreditations (ISO, Controlled Goods);
  • Keep your company website up to date; and
  • Register on the Canadian Company Capabilities List

We actively seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with ITB suppliers capable of providing products and services in our supply chain. We invite you to let us know about your products and capabilities by enrolling in our Supplier Program or registering on our corporate supplier registration portal.

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