Hull Mounted Sonar


Providing hull-mounted sonars to two generations of the Canadian surface fleet, and NATO allied navies.

Hull-mounted sonar solutions provide a versatile, always-on, underwater sensor capability that can be used in a wide range of underwater defence missions.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has been providing hull-mounted sonars to our customers for 40 years, including the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the navies of Portugal, Belgium, and Sweden.

Our hull-mounted sonar solutions maximize performance in challenging environments,  providing outstanding submarine detection with accurate localization; mine and underwater obstacle detection; and early torpedo detection and tracking.

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Why choose our Hull-Mounted Sonar Solutions?

  • They are proven performers. Our hull-mounted sonars leverage our decades of experience; and our software, constantly honed through R&D and the at-sea experience of our customers, consistently outperforms competing systems.
  • They are leading edge. Our solutions feature the most modern electronic and acoustic technology. Our next-generation transducer elements dramatically enhance acoustic performance.
  • They are versatile.  Our solutions offer concurrent active and passive sonar processing tuned for a wide array of threats. Customizable transmission waveforms allow performance to be adapted and optimized for any environment.
  • They are easy to use. Modern displays and tools minimize operator workload and maximize mission effectiveness.

MK II Broadband Hull Mounted Sonar

A medium-frequency sonar that integrates the best components industry has to offer.

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