Sensor Integration and Mission Support


Leading-edge modular open-architecture solutions for underwater sensor integration.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is a world leader in sensor integration and mission support solutions. We have been developing and integrating innovative ASW systems for over 40 years, for the Royal Canadian Navy, Sweden and other allied navies.

Our Sensor Integration and Mission Support solutions are leading edge, leveraging decades of research conducted in partnership with Defence Research and Development Canada.

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Our sensor integration and mission support solutions provide the tools and the support you need to make optimal use of all your sensor data. Our open architecture underwater data-management system can integrate a full range of tactical decision aids and tools including Own-ship Noise Monitoring, Marine Mammal awareness, and Acoustic Range Prediction, to support safe and responsible ASW operations.

Why choose our Sensor Integration and Mission Support solutions?

  • They provide the full picture. To successfully conduct an ASW mission, you need the tools to bring sensor data together into clear situational awareness to support effective decision-making.
  • They support the full mission spectrum. From operator training through mission post-analysis, our systems and experts are there to support you.
  • They are modular and customizable. Our open software and hardware architecture enable us to customize our solutions to your needs and ensure that upgrades and refreshes are quick and easy.
  • They are easy to learn and easy to use. Our solution’s HMI (Human-Machine Interface) has been optimized by sonar and acoustic technicians and operators with decades of experience on the job.