MESHnet V6

MESHnet V6

Vehicle Information Distribution System

To support the ever-increasing, high-bandwidth demands of multimedia command and control solutions, General Dynamics’ MESHnet system has evolved to an open architecture system that provides a set of services and interfaces to support the Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) that are required in today’s highly-mobile combat and tactical support vehicles.

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MESHnet V6 offers an open architecture and scalable system design which can be customized to meet the exact features and mission needs required by a customer, including:

  • Modules can be configured and scaled up or down for all types of vehicle configurations and missions from simple light vehicle fits to complex command posts.
  • Ability to support heterogeneous networks of communication bearers with widely differing characteristics and bandwidth capacity.
  • Improved system availability with no central processing unit to act as a single point of failure.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface reduces training burden by using "apps" familiar to smartphone users.
  • Low-cost future firmware and software upgrades without hardware modifications.


Tactical Crew Stations

The Tactical Crew Station (TCS) provides mission critical voice, data and audio services as well as network & radio interfaces in a Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) effective package.

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Tactical Mobile Routers

The Tactical Mobile Router (TMR) uses advanced protocols to transfer messages with reliability, efficiency and reasonable latency in a disrupted, heterogeneous network environment.

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Smart Power Management

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a right sized power management solution ensuring consistent and clean power distribution in a package designed to meet military specifications for harsh environments.

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