MK II Broadband

Wideband concurrent active and passive detection, tracking and localization capability

The MK II Broadband Hull Mounted Sonar is a medium-frequency sonar that integrates the best components industry has to offer.


Product Features

  • Versatile, leading-edge underwater sensor, with a processing and operator display capability

  • Significant operational capability in both littoral and deep water environments

  • Able to satisfy many target detection and mission problems

  • High fidelity power and pulse control for Marine Mammal Mitigation operations

  • Wide selection of transmit pulse types to satisfy a broad range of missions


The MK II Broadband Hull Mounted Sonar uses co-operative ASW all-round surveillance with full target detection, tracking and localization capabilities. Get eyes on the invisible with next-generation transducer elements that dramatically enhance acoustic performance. Get up to speed fast with modern user-friendly interfaces and tools that minimize operator workload and maximize mission effectiveness.

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