Acoustic Intelligence Management

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Aided by automation, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada’s turnkey solutions provide the tools and support you need to maximize your acoustic intelligence (ACINT) initiatives—so you can find the 1% that matters most, faster.

As the foundation for a full ACINT analysis capability, our open-architecture underwater data management system enables you to exploit, analyze and disseminate real-time updates to your fleet about underwater threats.

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Why choose our Sensor Integration and Mission Support solutions?

  • They provide the full picture. To successfully conduct an ASW mission, you need the tools to bring sensor data together into clear situational awareness to support effective decision-making.
  • They support the full mission spectrum. From operator training through mission post-analysis, our systems and experts are there to support you.
  • They are modular and customizable. Our open software and hardware architecture enable us to customize our solutions to your needs and ensure that upgrades and refreshes are quick and easy.
  • They are easy to learn and easy to use. Our solution’s HMI (Human-Machine Interface) has been optimized by sonar and acoustic technicians and operators with decades of experience on the job.
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Hull Mounted Sonar Systems

Our versatile, leading-edge hull-mounted sonar solutions provide superior active and passive detect/track/localize performance in complex littoral and deep ocean envrionments across a wide range of operational missions. 

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Towed Array Sonar Systems

Flexible and easy to use, our leading-edge towed low frequency active/passive sonar solutions provide long-range surveillance against modern quiet submarine and torpedo threats via horizontal or vertical projector array technology.

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Sonobuoy Processing

Increase your tactical advantage against modern submerged threats with our sonobuoy processors—offering best-in-class range performance and acoustic intelligence exploitation for detecting, localizing and classifying nuclear and diesel foreign submarines. 

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LX300 unmanned helicopter flying over ocean with ship and MHP in the background

Unmanned ASW

From the deepest of seas to miles high into the skies, unmanned anti-submarine warfare solutions including USVs, UUVs and UAVs are key to sustaining an undersea advantage in the ever-evolving battlefield.

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Training and Simulation

Modules. Courseware. Distributed training. Simulators. Scenarios. No matter the equipment or lifecycle stage, our custom-designed, ex-operator-led training ensures your trainers and users always use their mission system to maximum effect.

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