Airborne Mission Management


The Brains & The Brawn Inside The World's Most Sophisticated Aircraft

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada offers integrated solutions for advanced airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) by fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These solutions simplify the complexity of airborne ISR processes for surface and sub-surface maritime surveillance, as well as overland and littoral surveillance operations.

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All General Dynamics airborne ISR solutions are engineered to enable users to collect and process information efficiently from a variety of on-board sensors. They make it easier for operators to assess situational awareness intelligence in real time and determine which information is important for onboard commanders and command and control centres.

Support & Training

To enable more efficient solution integration, we also offer ground support solutions, including system integration labs, pre-and post-mission analysis tools and training facilities. Our system integration labs offer a test environment optimized to simulate real world operation and dramatically reduce on-aircraft test time. It enables complete system testing, which includes the execution of operational scenarios structured to test the capabilities of all systems before they are deployed for field use. Our training and support services include desktop systems for classroom training, as well as immersive simulators for full or part crew training programs. Training is available as a turnkey service or as a train-the-trainer program for support partners. And our complete solutions are backed by in-service support (ISS) structured to meet life cycle maintenance and logistics sustainability requirements. These solutions and services have been leveraged by defence organizations worldwide.

Airborne ISR For Canadian Forces

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada provides the integrated hardware and software and is the prime integrator of the mission sensors and systems for the CP-140 Aurora, the strategic maritime surveillance aircraft used by the Canadian Forces. General Dynamics is also the prime supplier and integrator of hardware and software for the mission sensors and systems on the CH148 Cyclone, a twin-engine, multi-role shipboard helicopter operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Data Management Systems (DMS)

The Data Management Systems (DMS) enables an aircraft to collect and present integrated tactical situational awareness data gathered by radar, electro-optics, electronic support measures, and acoustics and magnetic anomaly detector systems.

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