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Versatile Next-Generation Communications At Sea

As information becomes increasingly more powerful and critical to naval missions, so too does the ability to effectively transfer that information between units and coalition forces.

General Dynamics Mission System–Canada’s advanced multi-band, multi-functional, software-designed communications equipment provides the flexibility, security, capability and interoperability that modern naval ships and submarines need to effectively control and manipulate the ever-complex tactical naval information environment.

By providing next-generation communications at sea, our solutions help seamlessly connect fleets to global resources—improving operational capability while strengthening domestic and international naval information warfare efforts.


  • Proven performance. General Dynamics Mission Systems has trusted operational knowledge in information system (IS) program management of the world’s most advanced fleets—plus our radio products consistently deliver secure communications for U.S. and international military and government agency customers.
  • Coalition interoperability via multi-domain technology. Via a shared infrastructure, our solutions enable fleets to seamlessly exchange and access information with Joint Forces and Allied partners. 
  • Adaptable and scalable. Modular and built on COTS open architecture, we can adapt and evolve to integrate into a national infrastructure that meets your future mission requirements—all without compromising capabilities on sub-systems. 
  • Secure. Our shipborne enterprise architecture is based on an accredited Multi-Level Security (MLS) solution, ensuring multi-level protection of your digital assets against current and developing cyber threats.
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Global communications capabilities. Cyber security solutions. Secure real-time data sharing. In this Canadian Defence Review cover story, learn how General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is helping Canada and allied countries operate successfully in the ever-evolving Undersea Warfare domain.

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Information System (IS)

Our enterprise IS provides multi-enclave, cross-domain connectivity between coalition, general purpose and national secret networks. Based on an accredited Multi-Level Security (MLS) solution and using a shared infrastructure, the IS strengthens naval information warfare functions via an integrated cyber defence system, information management system, data collection system, and much more. 

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Digital Modular Radio (DMR)

The DMR is the first software-defined radio to become a communications system standard for the U.S. Navy, and is also releasable to FVEY partners. This advanced multi-channel, multi-band, multi-waveform radio supports Naval and Joint Information Exchange Requirements (IERs) and provides secure, real-time data and information exchanges between Coalition Mission Commander and Integrated Operational Assets – seamlessly, clearly and effectively.

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