Deeper Thinking

Threats can surface anywhere.

Our maritime solutions are trusted to provide and maintain the sea superiority and domain awareness that militaries around the world strive to achieve. From complex towed and hull mounted sonar systems, to world-leading signal processing and advanced mine warfare solutions, our innovations provide maritime communities with a vast array of advantages that enable them to gain, maintain and ensure the freedom of the seas.

Anti-Submarine Warfare

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) will remain a core mission area for militaries around the world. General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is committed to developing, providing and supporting the very best sonars and ASW mission systems in the world. As submarine stealth technology and proliferation continue to grow, we will continues to provide the technological answers to any submarine threat, in any environment, at any time.

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Mine Warfare

Mine warfare, including underwater obstacles and IEDs, can shape the naval battlespace; it impacts freedom of navigation, the routes of commerce, and can set the conditions of an entire campaign. With that in mind, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada offers the advanced Mine Counter Measure (MCM) tools needed to assure freedom of manoeuver. Our Mine avoidance sonars, and mine hunting/disposal systems ensure safe passage, navigation and access to waterways when and where you need it.

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Our Multi-Domain Command & Control decision-making solutions integrate all ground-based and airborne situational awareness and surveillance sensors into a single, consolidated system. Our Multi-Domain Command & Control decision-making solutions address the communications and information challenges of any operation -- across air, sea and land.

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SHIELD Public Safety & Security

Our public safety and security solutions are built on a SHIELD Ecosystem technology that provides first responders with integrated mission critical communications systems that will help save lives.

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