Empowering Decision Making at Every Level

A modern suite of robust and secure networking solutions enabling fleet-wide communication and data exchange. Flexible architecture and advanced encryption ensure reliable connectivity and situational awareness in the most challenging operational environments. MESHnet® empowers decision-making at every level, ensuring the right information gets to the right person, at the right time.

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The MESHnet® product line offers cutting edge intercom and networking, comprehensive vehicle system and sensor integration, radio bearer interoperability and seamlessly integrated battle management systems for the Command & Control (C2) and Communication and Information Technology System (CIS) capabilities required by mission crew.


Gain tactical advantage across the battlefield with reliable and secure network solutions.

  • Modular & scalable – Scalable, flexible, and future-proofed system that is upgradeable throughout its life cycle with no vendor lock-in
  • Rugged - The equipment operates and survives in the harsh climatic, chemical/biological, physical, and electromagnetic environments encountered on military operations in armoured vehicles
  • Adaptable – Resilient network that can adapt to any environment using many bearers in low bandwidth and disrupted radio communication environments
  • Interoperable – Integrated with national communication equipment and C2 systems

The open architecture and scalable design of MESHnet® is Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) and can be customized to meet the exact features and mission requirements, including:

  • NATO GVA compliant mission suite that delivers a secure vehicle electronic architecture backbone
  • Robust and redundant Ethernet gigabit LAN allowing commanders to continue critical voice communications when vehicle is damaged
  • Viewing of live feeds from integrated cameras and control video systems
  • Connectivity between vehicles, across the entire chain of command and with other nations using standard end-to-end IP routing
  • Intercom voice for reliable and robust in-vehicle communication and voice across combat net radios 
  • Analogue emergency intercom mode as a digital intercom failover mode when communications are disrupted
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded noise suppression algorithms for clear voice in noisy environments
  • Proven integration with vehicle sensors and systems allowing access to visual display of vehicle status and health through a bezel key press
  • Software-defined routing capability within the Tactical Mobile Router (TMR) or Tactical Crew Station (TCS) device providing a considerable SWaP-C advantage

MESHnet® Product Line

TCS boxes

Tactical Crew Stations

Our Tactical Crew Station (TCS) provides mission critical voice, data and audio services in a Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized package.



TMR boxes

Tactical Mobile Routers

Our Tactical Mobile Router (TMR) uses standard and tactical protocols to deliver data with reliability, efficiency and low latency in enterprise and tactical environments. 




Smart displays lined up.

Smart Displays

Our Smart Display units offer ultra high definition resolution with a sunlight readable touchscreen display, low latency embedded video processing and CPU-independent visualization.




Green power box with plugs

Power Management

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a right sized power management solution ensuring consistent and clean power distribution in a package designed to meet military specifications for harsh operating environments. 

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Intercom interface screens

Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications Application (UCA) provides software-defined intercom voice, chat, video calls, user presence, live network topology, monitor and control of vehicles devices and system management capability. Works seamlessly with Smart Displays, intercom solutions and can be installed on third party COTS computers.

Unified Communications Application (UCA)

Smart Display screens


Access real-time vehicle system and sensor information, vehicle status, health and live view feeds from on-board vehicle cameras. These GVA compliant applications are integrated into our Smart Display system to provide quick access to critical features through bezel keys with electronic overlays.

Vehicle Application (VApp)

Vehicle Display Application (VDA)

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