Land Programs


end-to-end full army systems integration programs

Looking for a world-class, fully customized systems integration solution to advance your command, control, communication, computing, and intelligence (C4I) mission objectives?

You’ve come to the right place.

Over the last 30 years, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has successfully developed and delivered the largest and most complex C4I programs in the world for Canadian, UK, U.S., and other allied armed forces. Our solutions are engineered to ensure Joint and NATO/Coalition interoperability and support information fusion, while being tailored and customized to your unique requirements.

LCSS Program


A highly integrated tactical system composed of communication, networking and information management sub-systems, LCSS is part of every Canadian Army vehicle, weapon platform and headquarters; comprising hardware, firmware and software from our MESHnet v6 product line. The LCSS provides the Canadian Armed Forces with the highly integrated command and control communications system they need.


  • Software ISS: Provides support to software that helps integrate various data points such as GPS-based position reporting into a single system to allow for timely and informed decision-making.
  • Cyber Security Engineering: Supports the protection of the Land C4ISR data systems from theft of, and damage to, the information they contain.
  • Engineering and Integration: Ensures the Land C4ISR system is fully integrated across the Army.
EvO Program


In the UK, General Dynamics Mission Systems is designing and developing the next-generation tactical communication and information system for the UK Ministry of Defence, as the initial phase of the MORPHEUS programme. The system will be used to plan, deploy, manage and monitor communications and information for the Army. It will allow users to integrate new radios, applications and other system components faster and with greater ease.


General Dynamics will implement a new architectural approach, known as Evolve to Open (EvO), which will evolve the Bowman tactical communication (BCIP 5.6) capability into an open, modular system. The system will connect deployed tactical forces to their commanders, give improved access to powerful operational IT and simplify the user experience. The open system approach allows new technologies to be rapidly integrated to tackle emerging threats and enhance interoperability with allies.

WINt-T Program


WIN-T is the U.S. Army’s tactical network backbone, providing secure voice and data communications for soldiers on the battlefield without the need for fixed infrastructure. By connecting soldiers with their commanders, WIN-T is changing the way the U.S. Army fights by providing life-saving information on-the-move, anywhere in the world. WIN-T enables soldiers to:


  • Stream real-time video over the network
  • View a topographical map of friendly forces
  • Send texts requesting medical assistance
  • Digitally call for artillery support
  • Access mission command apps