Armament Mission Computer (AMC)

Armament Mission Computer (AMC)

Rugged 6-slot 3U VPX chassis mission computer. The Armament Mission Computer (AMC) hosts fire control and gun/sight stabilization software for armament systems. Tailored for both the new era of modern combat vehicles as well as existing platforms, the AMC is applicable to both electric or electro-hydraulic gun and turret drives.

Enhanced Stabilization

Intelligent Technology

Tailored To The Mission

360 Product View

  • Accepts sensor data from sources such as gyros and encoders.
  • Produces output in the form of drive signals via analog voltages or digital serial data buses.
  • Includes CANBus and Ethernet ports to connect to the vehicle electronic architecture.
  • Available with optional provisions for gun trigger safety interlocks, dedicated serial communications, and discrete signals for interfacing with the gun control equipment.
  • Minimal delay in concurrent execution of gun and sight digital control with high speed, multi-channel, simultaneous data transfer.
  • Ability to acquire and process wide dynamic-range signals with advanced control algorithms.

Synthesizing fire control: The AMC is tailored for the new era of modern combat vehicles, whether manned or unmanned, to ensure you’re ready for the future battlefield.

Stabilization: Regardless of terrain, our AMC keeps you laser focused on the target to maintain a steady shot every time.

Game changer: Advanced control algorithms enable time-on-target, time-incoincidence, and first-time-hit-probability for enhanced fire control performance.

Physical Characteristics

  • Size: 42cm x 21cm x 23cm (16.5”x 8.25” x 9”)
  • Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)
  • Input power: 50 W (typical), +18-32V DC