Variable Depth Sonar

Low Frequency Variable Depth Active and Passive Detection, Torpedo Defense Capability

The Low Frequency Variable Depth Sonar offers a tactical edge to the Command team.


Product Features

  • Modular towed array for use in both deep water and littoral environments

  • Re-configurable settings for optimal detection performance

  • Leading-edge towed array solution houses both transmit and receive electronics

  • Unparalleled threat detection and torpedo alert capability

  • Modular Towed Array allows multiple transmit frequencies to be utilized


The Low Frequency Variable Depth Sonar uses world-leading processing solutions that consistently outperform competitors. The ability to transmit in conventional steered-beam, omnidirectional or sector mode provides superior protection against any torpedo threat in both littoral and blue water environments. Our advanced software features allow automatic or operator-based decisions for torpedo cueing and countermeasures. Open Architecture technology enables regular hardware and software refresh throughout product life-cycle. Our solutions can easily be integrated with any shipboard combat management system without requirement for ship modifications.

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