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Delivering the Power of Information

Delivering the Power of Information - Anywhere, Anytime with the SHIELD Ecosystem

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A Public Safety and Security Partnership

To meet today's public safety and security challenges, first responders and security forces need the power of information at their fingertips. As a trusted partner, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada delivers that power with integrated, mission critical communications systems for Public Safety and Security known as the SHIELD Ecosystem.

SHIELD Public Safety Solutions

The Power of Information

The threats and the demands on public safety and security forces around the world are increasing in complexity and scope. Getting the right information, to the right responders at the right time saves lives. Delivering this critical information to multiple agencies reliably and securely is what the SHIELD Ecosystem solutions are designed for.

The Power of the SHIELD - Protecting and Enabling the First Responder

SHIELD Ecosystem solutions provide commanders with an enhanced awareness of the availability, capability, and location of in-field personnel at all times. Passing crucial information that is user friendly to many different types of emergency responders on dedicated, reliable and secure networks;

  • Improves access to critical data to be more aware and better prepared
  • Increases surveillance accuracy to better protect
  • Provides tracking of personnel to protect the lives of those responding
  • Reduces response times to save lives

Affordable turnkey solutions and a committed partnership that can meet public safety and security requirements

The Power of a Trusted Partnership

Trusted globally, with decades of system integration experience, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is committed to building long-term partnerships to enhance the interoperability and operational effectiveness of public safety and security forces with technical solutions to keep the public safe and secure. A partnership with General Dynamics offers contracting and financing opportunities via third party government organizations to help customers meet both short and long-term public safety and security objectives.

SHIELD Solutions - Engineered for Public Safety and Security Forces

General Dynamics Mission SystemsCanada leverages current and emerging hardware, software, and end user applications from the defence, consumer, and government sectors, and integrates them into seamless solutions that enable continuous, secure, real-time, in-field access to critical information by emergency response and security personnel in any situation.

These solutions are based on a capability infrastructure that incorporates interoperable, fixed and mobile digital communications to ensure the right information is available to the right responders at any time.

The SHIELD Ecosystem is built on a core of tightly coupled "systems" for optimized operational effectiveness. The core is based on robust, secure, dedicated LTE infrastructure networks that enable and connect public safety, security and emergency personnel in the field with four turn-key, fully integrated solutions.