Satellite Ground Systems Integration

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fully integrated mission-ready satellite communications systems

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada delivers fully integrated mission-ready satellite communications systems, both fixed and mobile, to support critical communications for both strategic and tactical missions. We offer a broad range of services from turnkey, strategic satellite anchor station solutions, including construction and facility design, and multi-band antenna integration; to fully deployable, in-theatre, mobile tactical platform integration solutions.

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Our strategic and tactical SATCOM integration solutions are underpinned by best-in-class technology and world-class, fully customizable In-Service Support programs, including in-country Repair & Overhaul and in-theatre maintenance support. We also offer WGS-certified strategic and tactical solutions.

In addition to platform development and maintenance, we also offer a range of SATCOM solution management services such as a robust and customizable Network Management System solution for remote mission planning; monitoring and control of multisite, unmanned anchor sites; and even integrated operational support for satellite communication control centres—we currently supply this type of service to the Department of National Defence for their Satellite Communications Operations Centre.

White ground satellite pointed toward cloudy sky

Why choose our SATCOM Integration Solutions?

  • They are proven and cost-effective. We leverage the broader General Dynamics portfolio’s SATCOM and space system expertise and our vast supplier network to bring you leading-edge, including WGS-certified solutions—like the Mercury Global Anchor Station, and COTS antenna products—for less.
  • They are flexible and fully customizable. We can customize a solution to meet your needs, from simple system integration to turnkey services including In-Service Support, and Operational Support.
  • They are secure and reliable. Our solutions offer proven security and reliability to support the critical strategic or tactical communication needs of the warfighter.


Our SATCOM Integration Solutions

  • Mercury Global Anchor Segment
  • Strategic Deployable Terminals
  • CP 140 Aurora WGS SATCOM Integration
  • SOTM
  • SATCOM Network Management Solution

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