In an article by Skies Magazine, editor Chris Thatcher explores how after a decade of predominantly performing an overland role, the formidable CP-140 Aurora is getting back up to speed for its original anti-submarine warfare task. In the article, Thatcher speaks with Col Mike Adamson from 14 Wing Greenwood N.S. and LCol Jeff Davis about the mission critical advantages of the updated anti-submarine warfare solutions.

"The Air Force, in collaboration with industry, rapidly introduced an interim BLOS SATCOM system to support secure high-speed data streaming. The expanded sensor capability included ground mapping radar and electro-optical systems with heat-sensitive infrared cameras, as well as electronic emissions collection and onboard analytical capacity, prompting one task force commander to suggest “we are one of the best equipped assets here to do a surveillance mission.” The end result is a platform with an enhanced mission system and suite of sensors that should transition between surface, subsurface and ISR roles with ease."

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