The control of military operations throughout the spectrum of conflict is enabled through the deployment of an effective tactical communications and information system (TacCIS). In this Vanguard magazine article, Richard Fawcett and Al Amlani discuss the complexities of fielding a modern TacCIS in cyberspace. The article breaks down some of the key planning, deployment and operational challenges that have emerged since the introduction of cyber as the fifth domain for military operations.


“One would have missed the mark if they viewed cyberspace as a “new” domain independent of land, air, sea and space. In fact, hybrid warfare used by our adversaries, by intent, considers all five domains. At General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada, we are working to ensure our solutions across all domains are as secure as possible from a cyber perspective,” said Alkarim Amlani, Director of Cyber Operations, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada.


“An adversary may attack in cyberspace without causing physical harm, without breaching perimeter control, or without being detected by traditional electronic warfare sensors. These challenges exist on top of another set brought forward by considerations related to reactive, defensive and active cyber operations. The increased complexity introduced by cyberspace is directly driving a shift into how tactical communications operate across all five domains,” said Richard Fawcett, Director of Strategy, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada.