OTTAWA–Today, General Dynamics Mission Systems launched MESHnet V6, its most advanced digital voice and data vehicle information distribution system to date.  MESHnet V6, a highly customizable vehicle based information distribution system, supports real-time, high-bandwidth, secure voice and data communications across the battlefield.

While General Dynamics MESHnet systems have provided high-quality voice and data solutions for years, the high-bandwidth demands of multimedia command and control continue to outgrow existing capabilities. MESHnet V6 has evolved to an open architecture system that supports the tactical communication and information systems required in today’s highly-mobile combat and support vehicles.

“At General Dynamics, we are developing cutting-edge technologies to protect the communications and information systems allied forces depend on,” said David Ibbetson, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems–International. “The MESHnet V6 system enables operators to rapidly assess tactical data, communicate efficiently, and execute orders with confidence in the most unpredictable environments.”

Engineered specifically for in-field communications, MESHnet V6 can be configured and scaled up or down for all types of vehicle configurations and missions, ranging from simple light vehicle fits to complex command posts. The system also supports high-bandwidth applications such as situational awareness information, sensor feeds or battle management applications, along with critical voice and data.

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