“In the world of military tactics, ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) is a dangerous and difficult game of Hide and Seek.”

Comprised of highly complex military operations bringing together aircraft, surface warships, submarines and other platforms such as unmanned vehicles, ASW technology has the power to track, find, deter, damage and/or destroy underwater threats. In this June 2022 article, Canadian Defence Review shares how General Dynamics’s world-class ASW technology suite is playing a major role on the domestic and international stage.

“Very, very few people in our country understand what a world-leading position Canada has in ASW,” said Tony Morris, General Dynamics’ Business Area Lead for Airborne Mission Systems. “We’d like to raise their awareness of it and have more people understand that there’s extremely interesting technology being developed in this country by Canadian companies and, there has been for many decades. ASW is the ‘hidden gem’ of our defence industry.”


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