WHAT: General Dynamics Canada will demonstrate state-of-the-art sonobuoy acoustic processing systems which provide superior location, identification and tracking of today's submarine threats.

WHERE: Singapore Air Show - Changi Exhibition Centre, 9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore, 498760  - Booth#U-88, Canadian Pavilion

WHEN: February 11-16, 2014

General Dynamics Canada will demonstrate how the UYS-505 “VENOM” advanced acoustic processor leverages the latest advances in computing to enable the rapid and accurate location, identification and tracking of underwater threats in the most challenging environments.

VENOM is built specifically for fixed and rotary-wing applications, and engineered to improve tactical awareness and reduce operator workload while minimizing size, weight, and power impact on the aircraft. Since its introduction in 2013, VENOM has been purchased by multiple countries in the Pacific Rim.

Also on display is ECLIPSE, a modern adjunct processing system which works in parallel with existing sonars, greatly improving their signal processing performance at a significantly lower cost than acquiring and installing new sonar systems.

General Dynamics Canada's sonobuoy processing systems are currently deployed in Canada, Australia, Sweden, the Republic of Korea and other nations. More information on our Underwater Surveillance products is available at www.gdmissionsystems.ca.