Benefits in the beyond

Expanding our potential in the unknown

Every advancement we make starts with a question: What if? What if we could fly above our atmosphere? Done. What if we could land on the moon? Done. But we aren't done. 400 space missions later, side-by-side with NASA and the U.S. military, our telecommunications technology is circling multiple planets. And it’s showing us sights no human has ever seen.

What if? It's a powerful question. And it’s always guiding what we do next.

Satellite Ground Systems Integration

We deliver fully integrated mission-ready satellite communications systems, both fixed and mobile, to support critical communications for both strategic and tactical missions.

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Multi-Domain Command & Control

Our Multi-Domain Command & Control decision-making solutions integrate all ground-based and airborne situational awareness and surveillance sensors into a single, consolidated system.

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SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas

Our SATCOM On-the-Move antennas provide secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for troops operating in remote locations. These antennas provide reliable X, Ku, or Ka Mil and commercial band satellite communications wherever the mission takes you.

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SHIELD Public Safety & Security

Our public safety and security solutions are built on a SHIELD Ecosystem technology that provides first responders with integrated mission critical communications systems that will help save lives.

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