WHAT: General Dynamics is a leading provider of critical Canadian defence capabilities, including combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions, and mission system solutions for land, air, sea, and cyber applications.

Meet the General Dynamics team, including Land Systems, Mission Systems, and Ordnance and Tactical Systems, to learn more about the corporation’s impact on Canada’s defence industrial base, how we are tapping into the skills and resources of small and medium-sized enterprises, and providing an innovation-driven workplace for thousands of Canadians.

WHEN: October 5-7, 2021

Visit DEFSEC for directions, hours, and admission information.

WHERE: General Dynamics Booth #M203

Booth Highlights:

General Dynamics Mission Systems will highlight the following capabilities:

  • Integrated sonar system technologies for the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) current and future fleets. General Dynamics is a global leader in delivering modern integrated sonar systems. These solutions provide Canadian and allied navies with a more diverse set of mission capabilities against today’s complex threat platforms in both the deep ocean and the littoral. Our Modular Open Systems Approach offers our customers superior performance in an architecture where cost effective incremental upgrades can be assured throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Airborne mission management capabilities for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. As the prime integrator of the mission sensors and systems for the CP-140 Aurora and the CH-148 Cyclone, General Dynamics provides mission-tested and ready data management and integration capabilities. Our solutions simplify the complexity of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance processes for surface and sub-surface maritime surveillance, along with overland and littoral surveillance operations.
  • The LX300 Remotely Piloted Helicopter will be on display at DEFSEC. With an innovative tandem rotor design and quick attach system, the LX300 allows for sustained operations in multiple mission types. It has a certified heavy fuel engine, capacity to carry 180kg, and has an endurance of 10 hours with 200km extended line of sight. General Dynamics has entered into a partnership with Laflamme Aero to mature this platform for Canadian and international markets.
  • The Badger™ Radio is a compact, two-channel software-defined radio that provides Multiple Independent Levels of Security for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore voice and data communications. It is the only single radio available that provides High Frequency, Very High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency and SATCOM Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) waveform capability to significantly enhance beyond line-of-sight, or satellite voice and data communications by connecting to the MUOS satellite network.
  • The URC-300™ Transceiver is a versatile platform that supports multiple waveforms and provides exceptional radio frequency performance to support ground-to-air, line-of-sight and other mission critical applications. It provides interference-free communications in highly congested environments and improves immunity to outside interference such as other airfield channels, Wi-Fi transmitters, and commercial FM broadcast towers. The URC-300E was recently chosen by the Federal Aviation Administration to support their Emergency Transceiver Replacement program.
  • The Bluefin®-12 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) is a lightweight medium-class UUV designed to deliver mission critical data and complete high-consequence and changing missions. The Bluefin-12 base model comes with an open and flexible payload bay, providing more than 4,000 cm3 of payload volume to allow rapid integration of mission specific payloads. This UUV can also be configured as a turnkey system delivering integrated survey capabilities including high-resolution sonar, environmental sensing, powerful on-board data processing and highly accurate navigation. Built with robust core capabilities, increased modularity, embedded intelligence, data processing, and extended operational range, the Bluefin-12 is ready for today’s mission and prepared for tomorrow’s threats.

General Dynamics Land Systems–Canada will highlight the following capabilities:

  • The LVM Zetros Truck will be on display in our outdoor booth. This powerful and versatile platform is designed to provide the military user with unsurpassed reliability, durability, and ruggedness under the most adverse climate and operational conditions. General Dynamics is pursuing more opportunities in non-traditional markets as the Canadian Army’s capability requirements evolve. Participation in Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) program is one important example of this shift. The company has formed a best-of-industry team with Mercedes-Benz (Daimler Truck), Soframe, Marshall Canada, and Manac, Inc. that is uniquely capable of providing the best capabilities solutions for the modernization of the Army’s logistics vehicle fleet.
  • Video presentations on the Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) platform, the Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT), and the EAGLE direct-action platform which is being offered for the Canadian Special Operations Command’s Next Generation Fighting Vehicle program.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems–Canada will feature its spectrum of ammunitions with a special focus on Navy applications:

  • 57mm TP-IM (New product): The 57mm Target Practice IM Cartridge (57mm TP-IM) is a cost-effective target practice cartridge that is compatible with all 57mm weapon configurations.
  • 57mm HEPD (New product development): The 57mm High Explosive Point Detonating IM Cartridge (57mm HEPD) is a cost-effective solution for direct fire targets that provides lethal effects against Fast Incoming Attack Crafts. The cartridge is compatible with all 57mm weapon configurations and features a single mode Point Detonating Fuze that doesn’t require programming.
  • 127mm Naval Ammunition: Up to the end of 1990’s, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Iroquois Class were equipped with 127mm weapon systems. In appreciation of the legacy 127mm weapon systems, artefacts of the Cartridge Case and High Explosive Projectile will be showcased as the Royal Navy will once again integrate a modernized version of the 127mm weapon system in its future Combatant Surface Ships.

In addition, the company’s exhibit (M207) will feature a 12.7mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm Naval ammunition as well as our Simunition® training solutions.

More information and datasheets on the above capabilities can be found at www.gdincanada.ca


Kristina Davis, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada

613-806-9945 or Kristina.davis@gd-ms.ca

Andrea Brown, General Dynamics Land SystemsCanada

519-964-5421 or brownar@gdls.com

Darryn James, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical SystemsCanada

727-294-8040 or Darryn.James@gd-ots.com